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Tube Lights

Tube Lights


Lighting Supply has thousands of different tube lights, including many varieties of the popular LED tube light, one of the fastest rising light bulb types!

Easily search for the specifications you’re looking for using the convenient filters on the left side of the page, and we’ll show you everything we have available. Perhaps you’re not entirely sure what you need? No problem! Read on to learn some basic information about tube lights, including the three most popular designs — linearU-bend and circline. Let’s take a look at the fundamentals that will help you decide which variety of tube light will work best for you.

And remember, you can contact us anytime to get your specific questions answered. And if you’re in the market for bulk orders, check out our Volume Pricing Page!

Tube Lights Explained
Tube lights have been used for decades in a wide range of applications, from commercial and industrial to home interior, most often in the form of the linear tube light. By far one of the most ubiquitous light bulb types, you’ve no doubt seen these long, skinny bulbs almost everywhere you go, including your local hospital and grocery store — or pretty much any retail space, for that matter. Their ability to throw bright, consistent light over large areas makes them ideal for providing adequate light throughout expansive interiors. Though their use in the home fluctuates with interior design trends, they can often be found in basements and garages, where ample light is an absolute must.

As with many other light bulb types, the technology surrounding the tube light has progressed much the same in recent years, all culminating in the latest and most efficient — the LED tube light. Tube lights began as fluorescents, often referred to as linear fluorescents after their most common shape. Several years ago, this technology became miniaturized in the form of the compact fluorescent light (CFL), allowing it to be used in a much wider range of applications, including throughout the home. And more recently, the LED tube light has become the modern standard. Incredibly energy efficient and long-lasting, it’s quickly becoming the norm in both commercial and residential applications.

Similar to other light bulb types, the number following the T designation indicates the diameter of the lamp in increments of an eighth of an inch — so, the highly common T8 tube light is one inch in diameter.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most common categories of tube lights: linear, U-bend and circline.

Linear Tube Lights
As noted above, linear tube lights are found virtually everywhere. They’re practically as common in retail and other commercial spaces as the plain A-shape light bulb is in your home. And the LED tube light is quickly becoming more popular than its fluorescent counterpart. While a bit costlier up front, the longer life and superior efficiency of LED technology has made them the more affordable choice in the long run, paying their higher up-front cost back to you in a matter of months.

Additional benefits can be found for those looking to upgrade or replace their older linear fluorescents, including government incentive programs designed to encourage the switch to the more efficient LED technology. And for those who aren’t ready to make the leap just yet, you can retrofit many existing light fixtures with new ballasts, allowing you to take advantage of the new technology without having to spring for new fixtures!

Investigate current state and federal programs to see if you qualify for any commercial or residential incentives, and be sure to bookmark our Volume Pricing Page for all your bulk orders of tube lights, fixtures and more.

U-bend Tube Lights
Especially in the home, not all applications have the space for a four-foot-long fluorescent tube. Hence the creation of the U-bend tube light. A smaller, more versatile version of the straight tube, these lights can be used in a variety of applications where space is at a premium.

This type of tube light is also popular for commercial signage, requiring their availability in a wide range of sizes, shapes and temperatures. Don’t see the specific U-bend tube light you need? Contact us now and we’ll find it for you!

Circline Tube Lights
Packing a lot of light output in a small, simple design, the circline tube light is great for a number of interior design applications throughout your home or commercial space. Available in fluorescent, CFL and LED light engine, they offer a unique and efficient way to shed a great deal of light from a compact source. And with dimmable control and a wide range of color tones and temperatures, you’re sure to give your space the perfect atmosphere, be it bright daylight or a soft glow.

Making sure you order the right circline replacement light can be tricky, so feel free to let us know if you need any help!