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Light Bulbs

Welcome to our comprehensive selection of fixture accessories, designed to elevate your lighting experience and enhance the functionality of your fixtures. Whether you're in need of accessories for standard bulbs, reflector bulbs, tube lights, high-intensity bulbs, miniature and sign bulbs, plug-in bulbs, decorative bulbs, or colored bulbs, we've got you covered.

Standard Bulbs: Our range of accessories for standard bulbs includes a variety of socket adapters, extension cords, and dimmer switches. These essentials provide you with the flexibility to customize your lighting to suit your preferences.

Reflector Bulbs: Enhance the performance of your reflector bulbs with our selection of accessories, including trim rings and baffles. These accessories help direct and control the light output for optimal illumination.

Tube Lights: Customize your tube lights with our selection of tube guards and diffusers. These accessories protect your tubes and diffuse the light for a more even and pleasant illumination.

High Intensity Bulbs: For high-intensity lighting applications, we offer mounting kits and brackets designed for stability and security. Ensure your high-intensity bulbs are properly installed for maximum performance.

Miniature and Sign Bulbs: Achieve precision and style with our miniature and sign bulb accessories. Explore various bases, sockets, and mounting options to suit your specific needs.

Plug-In Bulbs: Simplify your lighting setup with our plug-in bulb accessories. We offer a range of adapters and connectors to make installation hassle-free and efficient.

Decorative Bulbs: Elevate your décor with our decorative bulb accessories, including filament bulb cages, vintage-style sockets, and decorative shades. These accessories add a touch of style and flair to your fixtures.

Colored Bulbs: Create ambiance and mood with our colored bulb accessories. Explore filters, gels, and colored lenses to transform your lighting into a spectrum of vibrant hues.

At Lighting Supply, we are committed to providing top-quality fixture accessories that enhance the performance, aesthetics, and versatility of your lighting fixtures. Whether you're a homeowner, contractor, or designer, our comprehensive range of accessories ensures that you have everything you need to create the perfect lighting setup.

Browse through our selection today and discover how our fixture accessories can help you achieve your desired lighting outcomes, from functional to decorative and everything in between.