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Decorative Bulbs

Decorative Light Bulbs


Here at Lighting Supply, we offer an incredible selection of light bulb types, with over a thousand varieties of decorative light bulbs, including all kinds of candelabra bulbs in a wide spectrum of technologies, dimensions, voltages, wattages and more, all by the leading brands you know and trust.

These bulbs are most often equipped with the Edison screw base we’re all familiar with, the most common code being E26, as well as the candelabra base — a similar screw-shaped design in a more compact size, recognized most commonly by the code E12. These typical base types are compatible with a great many fixtures throughout the home. Chances are, the decorative bulbs you’re looking for contain these common codes.

You can easily search for the specifications you’re looking for using the convenient filters on the left side of the page. Filter your search based on the specs you need, and we’ll show you everything we have available.

Not entirely sure what you need? No problem! Read on to learn some basic information about decorative light bulbs, their most popular applications, the letter/number codes used to identify them and more.

Remember, you can contact us anytime to get answers to any questions you may have. And if you’re in the market for bulk orders, check out our Volume Pricing Page! Let’s take a look at some fundamentals that will help you decide which decorative light bulbs will work best for you. And thank you for shopping Lighting Supply, where we help you keep your future bright!

The Basics of Decorative Light Bulbs
One of the most fun light bulb types to shop for, decorative light bulbs come in a wonderfully diverse range of designs, applications and technologies. Historically dominated by the incandescent bulb, you’ll also find a huge selection of the newer, more efficient LEDs, as well as a variety of compact fluorescents, kryptons, halogens and fluorescents.

Used in residential interior design around the world, decorative light bulbs are also a major consideration in the hospitality industry — hotels, spas and resorts are always competing with the latest trends and styles of the interior design world, showcasing stylish, attractive lighting choices in an effort to attract guests.

Homeowners everywhere also follow the latest interior design trends, with decorative lighting sitting comfortably at the top of their list of priorities. This dynamic and exciting industry has given rise to a great many fixture designs, which has naturally lead to an almost equal number of beautiful decorative light bulbs. Below, let’s take a look at our three main categories: B/CA/C/F-shape bulbs, Globe bulbs and Edison bulbs.

B/CA/C/F Shape Decorative Light Bulbs
As you can imagine, there are a good number of letter/number codes used to identify various decorative light bulb types. Here’s a quick breakdown of the leading varieties.

• B (bullet or blunt tip)
• CA (candle or candelabra bulbs)
• C (cone shape)
• F (flame)

These designations will go a long way in helping you decide what types of lighting fixtures you’d like to decorate your home with, and they’ll of course help you with bulb replacement for your current fixtures as well.

Bullets or blunt tips comprise a large assortment of bulbs used in a variety of fixtures, recognized by their aerodynamic appearance. From chandeliers to ceiling fans, these are a popular decorative lighting choice.

CA-shape bulbs, also known as candle light bulbs or candelabra bulbs are quite similar to bullets and blunt tips, with many having a decorative point at their peak, mimicking the shape of a candle flame. Popular in a wide range of chandeliers, decorative pendant lighting and a vast array of bulbs meant to look like real candles, the CA-shape is one of the most popular and diverse light bulb types.

Quite similar to the CA-shape bulb, the C-shape or cone light bulb has a blunt, more rounded tip most often found in Christmas lights, making it a popular choice for holiday lighting applications.

Flame light bulbs are a variety of candelabra bulbs, some of which have a flicker capability that mimics the dancing of a candle flame. These are popular in a wide array of decorative fixtures designed to look like actual candles. They are a popular feature in many home windows, as well as rooms where the host is looking to create a warm, relaxing atmosphere.

Globe Decorative Light Bulbs
Globe bulbs are highly popular in bathroom vanities and a variety of decorative applications where a great deal of light output is desired. However, the inefficiency of the incandescents has led to a surge in popularity of newer LED varieties — every bit as decorative, but more efficient and with much longer lifespans. If you’re looking for new or to upgrade existing fixtures, globe LEDs are the superior bulb, hands down.

Edison Decorative Light Bulbs
Edison bulbs are a wonderful style for those looking to decorate with a vintage motif. These beautiful bulbs have the look of many of the earliest versions of the incandescent light bulb, yet contain the efficiency and safety of more modern bulbs and are offered in LED. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, this style of decorative light bulb is incredibly popular in bars, restaurants and coffee shops looking to add a unique decorative style. It’s also the ideal finishing touch for homeowners going for an authentic vintage look, be it in their sitting room at home, a summer cottage or a cabin in the woods.

Do you have a specific type of decorative bulb in mind, but can’t seem to find it? Contact us now, we’d be happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for!