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Standard Bulbs

Standard Light Bulbs


Lighting Supply has thousands of varieties of the standard light bulb, one of the most common light bulb types! 

Easily search for the specifications you’re looking for using the convenient filters on the left side of the page, and we’ll show you everything we have available. Perhaps you’re not entirely sure what you need? No problem! Read on to learn basic information about the standard light bulb, including the most important aspect you should consider — its shape! Let’s take a look at the fundamentals that will help you decide which light bulb types will work best for you. And remember — you can contact us anytime to get answers to any questions you may have. And if you’re in the market for bulk orders, check out our Volume Pricing Page!

What is a Standard Light Bulb?
Put simply, the standard light bulb is what the vast majority of us picture when we hear the term “light bulb.” These are the round bulbs that fit most anywhere in your home, from the lamps on your living room end tables to the many light fixtures throughout your home’s ceilings and walls. Often referred to as incandescent bulbs, most have a standard screw-in base, often called an Edison screw, allowing them to be screwed into most any light fixture.

However, there are variations in shape that fall under the standard category — for example, the T-shape bulb, which we’ll discuss shortly. But generally speaking, the standard bulb refers to those that are most often used in the most common applications.

For ages, the incandescent bulb was the go-to technology when it came to standard light bulbs — until the introduction of the halogen bulb, followed in more recent years by the compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) and the light-emitting diode (LED) lamp.

The widely popular halogen lamp, a longer-lasting incandescent technology, saw decades of use in a wide variety of standard light bulb applications. In more recent years, the CFL became king of the hill, proving itself far more efficient and cost-effective over the long term compared to the traditional incandescent and halogen. But it wasn’t long before the LED began to eclipse even the CFL, making it the most energy efficient and cost-effective standard bulb available.

While these newer light bulb types are a bit more expensive up front, their technology has been developed to the point that their longevity and efficiency have proven to have the smallest impact on your wallet. So, these three main technologies are a big factor for you to consider, based on your up-front and long-term budget goals.

Now, let’s take a look at the three main shapes of the standard bulb: the A-shape, T-shape and PS-shape!


The A-Shape Standard Light Bulb
The A-shape is the most common of the standard light bulb types. This is the traditional household bulb we’re all familiar with, and they’re available in a great many varieties. From incandescent, halogen, CFL and LED, most all of them have the same threaded base you’re used to, designed for universal fit depending on their purpose — be they for light fixtures, appliances and so on. The standard CFL light bulb’s helix shape — its miniature tubes formed in a compact, twisting pattern quite similar in dimensions to the standard incandescent bulb — was a major development in CFL technology, making its application throughout the home a viable option for consumers everywhere.

The number following the letter A indicates the diameter of the bulb at its widest point, in increments of an eighth of an inch. Thus, an A19 bulb has a diameter of approximately 2.4 inches. The A19 may also be referred to as the A60, which is the measurement used by those countries that employ the metric system, indicating 60 millimeters in diameter. Available in clear, frosted and a variety of colors and tones, some with additional features such as shatter resistance and dimmability, our incredible selection is sure to contain the exact specifications you’re looking for. From the widely used A19 and A15 shapes to the A21 and A23, we’ve got all the most popular A-shape bulbs in a wide range of lumens, voltages and wattages, all from the top brands you know and trust.

You can even search by dimensions and color tone, helping you easily find whatever specs you need!

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The T-Shape Standard Light Bulb
Also known as “tubular” bulbs, the T-shape standard light bulb is used mostly for display lighting, exit and stairway signs, and other, more obscure uses, such as film projectors. In addition, the heat-generating ability of the incandescent and halogen T-shaped bulbs makes them ideal for heating and drying applications. This bulb type is not to be confused with tube lights, also known as linear fluorescents — the long, skinny bulbs most commonly found in retail stores, warehouses and the like.

Available in incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent and LED, this type of bulb offers a wide range of display lighting options. Especially when mounted horizontally as picture lights, they help accentuate large wall hangings like paintings, tapestries and large photographs.

The T-shape standard light bulb is also found in a large variety of commercial indication applications — wherever there are stairwells, elevators, fire exits and the like, you’re likely to find their corresponding signage powered by some variation of the T-shape bulb.

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The PS-Shape Standard Light Bulb
The PS-shape standard light bulb is similar in shape to the traditional A-shape, as well as the P-shape light bulb. Shaped like a pear, the PS-shape has a somewhat larger overall pear shape with a longer straight neck.

Also available in incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent and LED, this type of bulb has a variety of commercial and industrial applications, from retail and office buildings to radio and cellular towers.

And like most every bulb type available at Lighting Supply, these bulbs are available in a vast array of colors, tones, lumens, voltages and wattages, all from the leading brands you know and trust.

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