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High Intensity & Corn Cob Bulbs

HID Lights


Lighting Supply has thousands of different HID lights in a variety of technologies, shapes, sizes, brands, color temperatures, wattages and more! Easily search for the light bulb types you’re looking for using the convenient filters on the left side of the page, and we’ll help you narrow down your options. Not sure exactly what you need? No problem! Read on to learn some basic information about HID lights, including the four most popular categories — corn cobE/ED shapeB/BT shape and T-shape. Let’s take a quick look at some fundamentals that will help you decide which variety of HID light will work best for you.

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What Are HID Lights?
High-Intensity Discharge lights are widely used in a number of commercial and industrial applications that require a great deal of powerful lighting throughout large spaces, especially outdoors. From street lights and stadiums to parking lots, factories, warehouses and more, HID lights are also used as floodlights for residential applications, allowing homeowners to flood their property with strong, consistent light. They’re also used for indoor gardening, providing plants with the high-intensity light they need to thrive. Lastly, HID lights are also found throughout the automotive industry, and even some high-performance bicycle headlamps.

Traditionally, light bulb types of this variety consist of metal halide, high-pressure sodium and mercury vapor. Recent advances in LED technology, however, have allowed for much more efficient options, including the ability to retrofit fixtures in order to accommodate the new technology. LEDs also don’t require any warm up time, providing instant light the moment they turn on.

As with all LEDs, the up-front cost is a bit more than traditional bulbs, but they pay for themselves many times over throughout their superior lifespan. What’s more, certain LEDs like the corn cob LED offer multi-directional lighting, a highly useful feature for a number of HID lighting applications.


Now, let’s take a look at our four main categories of HID lights: corn cob, E/ED shape, B/BT shape and T-shape.


Corn Cob
The latest in HID lights, the corn cob (also known as the corn cob LED or maize LED) provides powerful lighting for a wide variety of applications. Resembling an ear of corn, the many diodes affixed in a cylindrical shape provide bright, 360-degree lighting, as well as highly effective directional light, available in the wallpack variety. And their longer life, longer brightness retention and higher energy efficiency make them the most cost-effective solution for homes and businesses alike. As with all LED options, they pay for their higher initial cost quickly — and the longer they run, the more money you save.


E/ED Shape
Elliptical/Elliptical Dome light bulbs are one of the more common styles of HID lights, emitting high-intensity light from the arc tube housed within them. From industrial and commercial lighting to parking lots and parking garages, this HID light is available in LED, metal halide, high-pressure sodium and mercury vapor. They are ideal for exterior applications that require powerful lighting.


B/BT Shape
The B/BT shape HID bulbs have a number of names attached to them, including Blunt Tip, Blown Tube and Bulbous Tube. Whatever specific name this type of light bulb falls under, they’re available in LED, metal halide, high-pressure sodium and mercury vapor, and they’re used for a range of outdoor lighting applications, including parking garages, street lights, factories, warehouses, sports arenas and more. Lighting Supply offers a wide array of specific shapes, dimensions, color tones and more, all from the leading brands you’re familiar with.


Ideal for indoor display lighting, the high-intensity T-shape light bulb is available in metal halide and low pressure sodium, allowing for powerful light output in a small package. When mounted horizontally, they provide a wide swath of bright light perfect for highlighting large paintings and other wall hangings. These bulbs also offer a range of task-lighting applications, from your work desk to your hobby table, indoor garden and aquarium.

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