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Reflector Bulbs

Flood Light Bulbs


Here at Lighting Supply, we offer an incredible selection of light bulb types, including thousands of varieties of flood light bulbs and reflector light bulbs! All are available in a wide variety of technologies, dimensions, voltages, wattages and more, all by the leading brands you know and trust.

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Perhaps you’re not entirely sure what you need? No problem! Read on to learn some basic information about flood light bulbs. We explain their most popular applications, the letter/number codes used to identify them and more.

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The Basics of Flood Light Bulbs and Reflector Light Bulbs
An important distinction about the terminology regarding these light bulb types is that generally, most all flood light bulbs are technically reflector light bulbs. The reflector light bulb is a larger category that includes everything from large, exterior flood light bulbs (which are sometimes used in large interior commercial settings as well) to small, interior track light bulbs and recessed light bulbs — any or all of which may be referred to as “flood lights,” depending on the manufacturer and retailer. To keep things simple, we’ll refer to large bulbs used for exterior security and commercial interiors as “flood light bulbs,” and smaller, interior bulbs used for display lighting as “reflector light bulbs.” Though there are varieties of bulb that fall under both these descriptions, it’s an easy way to formulate a general understanding of your options.

Commercial Uses: You’ll often find flood lights attached to the exterior walls of commercial buildings, illuminating large swaths of their surroundings at night for security purposes. Many commercial interiors also use certain varieties of flood lights for general lighting purposes — think of warehouse-type retailers with high ceilings.

Residential Uses: Many residences employ flood lights attached to exterior walls for security purposes in the same manner as commercial buildings. To help homeowners save on energy costs, many flood light fixtures come equipped with motion sensors, allowing the lights to come on only when the fixture senses movement. For residential landscape lighting, most flood lights are installed in the ground, positioned strategically to show off a home’s gardens and shrubbery. The categories “landscape lighting” and “outdoor lighting” may also include smaller, decorative lighting fixtures designed to outline walkways and the like, providing homes with an added touch of style, while assisting guests in navigating the property in dark or dim conditions.

Below, let’s take a look at the common types of flood light bulbs and reflector bulbs, what their codes mean and what they’re mainly used for.


PAR Shape Flood Light Bulbs
PAR shape flood light bulbs stands for Parabolic Aluminized Reflector, a fancy name for a range of lights that produce a highly directional beam, making them ideal for spotlights in both interior and exterior settings. They’re widely used in commercial and residential recessed lighting applications, as well as various types of theatrical lighting and aircraft lighting.

They come in a wide range of lighting technologies, with LEDs offering the most options. LEDs are a logical choice here, given their superior energy efficiency and long life. With shapes from PAR14 to PAR56, our huge selection offers virtually every variety available, in a wide range of brands, tones and colors.


MR Shape Reflector Light Bulbs
Multifaceted Reflector (MR) bulbs are ideal for interior track lighting, providing a directional and focused light beam on items intended to be highlighted, such as artwork and displays. This type of bulb is mainly used in track lighting and task lighting, with most options falling under the halogen and LED varieties.


R/BR Shape Flood Light Bulbs
The Reflector/Bulged Reflector classification of flood light bulbs are another variation used for indoor recessed lighting in ceilings, many of which are equipped with a dimming capability. This type of general indoor lighting allows homeowners to adjust the brightness and overall ambiance of a room exactly to their liking. Certain types of the bulged reflector are also designed to be used outdoors, making it a good example of a bulb classification that suits both exterior and interior applications.

Also available in a range of technologies, the bulged reflector has historically been an incandescent bulb, but as with virtually all other light bulb types, the LED is quickly becoming the norm.


AR Shape Reflector Light Bulbs
Aluminum Reflector light bulbs pack a lot of bright, sharp light in a small package. Ideal for track lighting and various types of focused display lighting, these bulbs are generally halogens, with an ever-increasing number of LED options becoming available.

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