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Litetronics 50W LED 3 Tube Retrofit Kit For 2X4 Troffer 4000K 120-277V 83 CRI (RFM3T440B)

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Product Description

Litetronics 50W LED 3 Tube Retrofit Kit For 2X4 Troffer 4000K 120-277V 83 CRI (RFM3T440B)

Switch existing fluorescent fixtures to LED in minutes with the Litetronics RFM3T440B 2x4 LED retrofit kit, designed for quick and easy installation. Fluorescent tubes and ballast are removed and replaced with LED tubes, which adhere securely to the existing fixture using powerful rare earth magnets. This preserves the look of your current fixture while saving around 60% energy and avoiding a large maintenance project.

At 4000K, this provides a clean, crisp, bright light perfect for schools, hospitals, offices, retail and more.

What you'll need for the installation:
• Step Ladder
• Screw Driver
• Wire Cutters

Installation Instructions:
1. Turn off power at the circuit breaker
2. Open the cover of the existing fixture
3. Remove the existing fluorescent tubes and ballast cover
4. Disconnect the ballast wires from incoming power lines
5. Cut the remaining wires close to the fixture
6. Unscrew and remove the ballast completely
7. Attach LED retrofit to the housing (attaches magnetically)
8. Position and secure with included self tapping screws
9. Connect the incoming electrical line to the included male connector clip
10. Make sure wires are tucked behind LED tubes
11. Cover both connectors and incoming wires using provided magnetic junction box cover
12. Secure junction box with self tapping screws
13. Apply the included labels to the fixture
14. Close the cover and restore the power

Learn more with this instruction sheet and quick video: